Under eye dark circles

Dark circles around the eyes gives them a deeper and hollowed appearance. Clients often complain that their eyes look tired as a result. Dermal fillers underneath the eyes can help to lift the area up and give it a fresher look.

under eye dark circles - watford

The dark circles under the eye can be caused by many factors:

Genetics – Some people are just naturally more prone to getting dark circles and eye bags than others – they can be present at any age

Ethnicity – People with darker skin types often have darker coloured skin in this area

Sun exposure – can result in uneven pigmentation in this area

Ageing – Changes in the shape of the bone around the eye as we age can cause hollowing in this area. When the light hits the face from above this results in dark shadows.

Lack of sleep, tiredness, stress and anxiety can also cause the area under the eye to look darker

Hormones can affect the appearance of the under eye area and they can appear darker during pregnancy or menstruation

Diet – Dehydration or a high salt diet causes the skin around the eye to get dry and irritated

Sudden weight loss  – This causes a hollowing around the eyes which appears dark when it catches the light

Drinking more water and getting enough sleep can really help in reducing the appearance of dark circles

Dermal fillers – we can help to fill in the hollowness in the area using a hyaluronic acid filler. This substance is present in the body naturally and is a component of your skin. We use a synthetically made hyaluronic acid and carefully inject it into the area. Although this treatment cannot eliminate the dark circles completely, it will have a noticeable effect in improving the appearance. Note that not all the under eye pigmentation can be improved with fillers but we can treat 80% of cases.

We use a numbing cream before the treatment is performed and use an anaesthetic with the product to make is as comfortable as possible. The procedure can take between 20-30 minutes to perform.

On average the treatment can last about one year