Better Care Clinic – Watford

Dental Clinic and Wellness Treatments

Here at the Better Care Clinic, we offer a range of private dental and health services at our facility in Watford. Our aim is to provide high-quality treatment by our caring and professional staff. In addition, we offer counselling, pain and injury therapy, massage, foot care and cosmetic treatments.

All our rooms are located on the ground floor with step free access.

Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments

Dental treatments include:

Dental Implants
Root Canal Treatment
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Straightening and more.

Call our clinic for more details about the treatments we offer. 01923 628130

Cosmetic treatments

We provide in-depth skin analysis, wrinkle reduction, fillers and improvement of the skin texture and tone. Appropriate after care advice is given to ensure that your skin looks as youthful as possible.

Pain and Injury clinic for muscle and bone

Treatment of the neck and back pain as well as other muscular problems. Our therapist has specialist experience in dealing with pain and problems with the jaw joint (TMJ). [Read more]

Rehabilitation clinic - Sports and injury

Management of musculoskeletal problems after sports or injury involves specific massage techniques and exercises. Our therapist is uniquely trained to help you recover and progress to your maximum fitness potential. [Read More]

Podiatry - foot care

The foot clinic provides patients with advice and care of thier feet. This can include examining your walking style, treating conditions of the skin and nails, referral and management as required. [Read more]

Counselling - trauma, relationships, goal setting, children's play therapy

Our caring and professional counsellors can provide help with stress, anxiety, confidence, self esteem, trauma management, habits, addictions and phobias. The counselling can help you take control and improve your success and management of your concerns. [Read more]


Our bright and welcoming clinic is located in Watford city centre. We are just moments from the Watford intu shopping centre and a 6-minute walk from Watford High street train station.

53A Queen’s Road


WD17 2QN